Funding for Education-Related Work


Digital Learning Innovation Grant

The Digital Learning Innovation Grant  gives faculty access to Digital Learning Services staff time and talent resources to help bring your ideas to life and help you create rich learning experiences for students. It may be used in combination with additional funds also awarded to improve student learning. Check out some of the additional grants and funding now available.

Center for Teaching and Learning Grants

The Center for Teaching and Learning has several small (~$20K) one-off grants and programs for various aspects of curriculum development/enhancement and professional/scholarly development in teaching. Discovery Grants support adding a new creative component to a course and creating a “discovery experience” over long time scales.

GSI Resource Center Grants

UC Berkeley’s GSI Teaching and Resource Center seeks to hire up to 200 graduate students for the Graduate Remote Instruction Innovation Fellows Program. This 8-week summer program runs from June 22 to Aug. 14, 2020 and participants will receive a summer stipend of $5,000. The program is intended for graduate students teaching discussion sections or stand-alone courses (e.g., Reading & Composition, studios, or foreign languages), and those GSIs who are assisting a faculty member in revising a course to be taught remotely in the fall. We have extended our deadline to June 16, 2020.  Interested graduate students should apply online. If you have any questions regarding this program, please email