Citing your papers in web pages/posts

We are using the Papercite plugin, which allows you to upload BibTeX files into WordPress and cite your papers directly. If you also supply a PDF of your paper, the page or post will include a link to download the PDF. To use this:
  1. Make a BibTeX file containing all the things you want to cite. (You can update this file in the future to add more entries.)
  2. If you want to make available PDFs, make each PDF filename match its BibTeX key (very important). So if the BibTeX entry begins with something like @inproceedings{garcia2022,...} then the PDF file must be named garcia2022.pdf. Note that the PDF file namespace is totally flat, so please use long keys/filenames to avoid name collisions!
  3. Ask one of the ACELab faculty for SFTP access to the site. You’ll need an SFTP client. Filezilla and Cyberduck are good.
  4. Use SFTP to upload (or update) your BibTex file(s) into wp-content/papercite-data/bib and your PDFs into wp-content/papercite-data/pdf.
  5. When writing a post that will cite some papers, somewhere near the top insert the shortcode [Could not find the bibliography file(s) replacing whatever.bib with the name of your .bib file. To cite the key garcia2022, do something like:
    We found that our approach was awesome [?]
    …and when viewed, this will become a footnote to the full paper citation at the bottom of the page that includes a link to download the PDF. The default style used is the Chicago Manual of Style, but other choices include ieee, plain, and others; see the complete documentation for details.