Resources: Administrative info and processes


Card key access to BiD Lab

You will first need to complete a bit of required safety training—the cardkey form will ask you to upload the files showing completion of these brief online modules, which you can search for here:
  • EHS 101 – Fundamentals of Laboratory Safety
  • EHS 207 – UC Berkeley Guidelines on Protecting Workers From COVID-19 (revised 7/7/21)
  • EHS 502 – Workplace Safety Program
The current Lab Safety/Orientation person for the BiD Lab is Katie Stasaski <>. There is a brief orientation you’ll need to go through with them. You’ll need to attest this on your cardkey access form. Once you’ve done the above, fill out this form using the following info:
  • Unless your faculty advisor has directed otherwise, for “appointment end date” use the last day of next summer, or your graduation date, whichever is earlier
  • Unless your faculty advisor has directed otherwise, that person is also your “supervisor”
  • For “which rooms do you need access”, use “360-364 HMMB (BiD Lab)
  • For “Lab safety contact”, use the person named above

Registering for conference travel

It’s often easier to get your registration and travel arrangements made directly and charged to the appropriate grant. Ask your advisor.

Getting reimbursed for a purchase, conference travel, etc.

If you paid for your own travel and/or registration: within 45 days max (important) of the travel event, gather all your receipts, go to this ERSO page and follow the instructions for “Access the intranet” and then for “Submit my intranet request”.  When you get to the step where you select a list of names, select the name of your advisor so that your request is routed to them for approval.

Supporting/identifying Students/Staff/Faculty possibly in distress