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Designing & conducting experiments

Designing and running human factors experiments: Bjoern recommends Jake Wobbrock’s (UW) and Scott Klemmer’s (UCSD) MOOC on this topic, as well as the book Measuring the User Experience (free electronic resource on OskiCat; print version available) Statistical hypothesis testing: Wikipedia has a pretty good overview of analyzing interventions to see if a tool or methodology does or does not provide some particular benefit to the student. Also see Koji Yatani’s course pages on “Stats for HCI”, including a cheat sheet for “which statistical test should I use for…” For evaluating tools specifically, a few valuable resources:  

Hints on preparing IRB protocols

Remember that you must complete CITI training and, in all likelihood, file an IRB protocol for any study in which students are involved as subjects and whose data you plan to use in a publication. TBD: hints


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